Creation starts from inside

When you begin to use sound waves like Om, Kleem, Shreem Bzee the effect of the vibrations changes your inner and will create your outer.

Your chanting changes your emotions and thoughts to more positive and as a result you are able to create your life to more joyful. Changes to your outer life begin to happen when you let them to happen.

Make the right decisions and lead and create your life with the help of sound waves to the direction you want it to go.

It won't change in one day so it's better to commit to certain amount of chanting daily. Choose your mantra and begin your journey to the creative and joyful LIFE!

During writing this post I chanted many times to create this post with energy in it and also change and leave old behind. My Life: I chant everywhere I can to get negative away and positive present in change.

Tip of the day: By starting your day by chanting mantra even 3 or 9 times will help you to start a whole new different day with Universal Light present to support you.

Do you want to balance to your life? I have created online courses for you to learn it with me from the base to the top: 


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