Mantra Initiates

During yesterday’s meditation while I was lying on my back and listening Vyasa Draupadi’s mantra after experiencing the hell of the human deep negative consciousness while I did build one online course. I did create the video material during one day and on Tuesday I was ready to build the course. And a miracle happened.

The name of the new course which I did build is Discover your Energy Chakras - OM Mantra. You can find it from my course site. Just go and click ‘Online Courses‘ button on the home page of this site.

The power day of Muruga and Mars is good day for action and it reveals all the need of humans to control and use power against each other in any possible ways.It reveals it self as energy. I am Vishnu and I have promised to Dr.Pillai my spiritual teacher my help to give positive light to this earth plane. So I did build the course with the help of Ganesha, Draupadi and Muruga and certain Lords like Mangala and Sun.

My God Family was present the whole process mostly silent and when I was finished with the landing page I went to meditate as I earlier wrote. During the meditation from inside came Muruga who also lives inside my body.and gave me the initiation to his Vel. He initiated me to the mantra of his weapon Vel.

I observed he teaching me how to use the mantra which I have never used. Om Vel and Vel destroyed lot of old negative karma from my throat chakra and I understood one dream years earlier where I did push His Vel through my own upper torso which was coming down towards my face. Pulled the Vel through the throat up to the brain.

He taught me and I observed. He gave me the permission to teach the use of the mantra which I will do later. Miracles happen when you meditate.

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