Meditation and Life

For me meditation and chanting are not just a 5 minutes or half an hour spend to to find a certain stage of peace and connection to light. And then to get up and the stage changes to so called normal - confusion of thoughts and emotional reactions.

You can use meditation as tool to rest and relax and silent your mind and balance your emotional stage. It's always your free choice how you use meditation techniques and mantra chanting.

In my life I want that the stage comes in a proper way to action, to all what I do during my day. Like writing this post. Being aware and using mantras during action is my way to the change. Old habits from writing a post and the new way of doing replaces them.

So I chanted OM during this writing in certain points to make the change and wrote this post Light present all the time.This way the change happens in the body and brains - body mind. Meditation in action!

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