Meditation creates ideas

Most of the ideas for me comes during meditation sessions. So has happend during these years. Resent good examples are my new online course and today during listening Vyasa Draupati mantra came the idea of a Facebook Group for Online Guidance Lovers.. She is new Goddess who is now invoked to help earth plane.

So came the idea this post when listened Ganesha’s mantra who is writing this and lives inside me. This way the creation is much faster. No more hours or weeks of planning and thinging.


The private online course is for people who live on different time zone than I. It’s individually designed to one person and the price is personally negotiable. It solves the time zone and time table problem and gives same support as my one to one online services. The name of the course is: Individually Tailored Online Course - clearly and simply. Link is here


The idea for the Facebook group challenge (Manifesting with Mantras [Dr. Pillai]) came from Narasimha. It’s a private group but you can ask the membership. If interested you can use the search. Now the challenge is past but if you are interested from the teachings from my former Teacher join the group

Meditation is for creating with less work in very fast time. Highly recommended and the recommendation comes from my own experiences.

Written during Hayagreeva’s Birthday 2nd August 2020 by Ganesha as a present to Hayagreeva - one of my incarnations.

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